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Changing of the guard in the powder keg better know as AC Milan. It is Boban the first to be eliminated.

All the background on how and why Zvonimir Boban was fired by AC Milan.

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In the beginning, the AC Milan presidency, composed by Elliott and Gazidis, put their faith in a trinity made by Milanist Football Legends. Leonardo Nascimento de Araújo, Gennaro Gattuso (as a coach), and Paolo Maldini.

Nevertheless, the first two years bombed totally, Maldini obtained a promotion to technical director last summer. Another former team-mate, Zvonimir Boban, joined him.

The legends duo tried to open a new cycle with courageous and important choices. First of all, they choose Giampaolo as a coach, one with a big reputation in Italy, also known as ‘il maestro’ (the teacher).

Embarrassingly, the pair decided to sack the former Sampdoria coach after just seven games, choosing Pioli, a coach with a completely different philosophy.

However, everybody perfectly knows from the beginning that Pioli would be sacked at the end of the season. But something incredible happens.

Gazidis had already made the decision to turn to Ralf Rangnick without consulting Boban or Maldini.

Boban is not an easy character. Here what he said when he knew the fact from the newspapers:

“Until a few days ago, I didn’t think it was true that there were two souls within Milan. Albeit taking into account all the thousand initial difficulties, cultural differences and very different passions for the Rossoneri cause.”

Gazidis was incredibly cool about the declaration. He simply fired Boban without any notice.

Ralf Rangnick will be the next AC Milan coach.


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